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Eddy Group Limited has retained their Canada's Best Managed Companies designation

March 05, 2020

Toronto, March 5, 2020 – Today, Deloitte announces the winners of the 2020 Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program, recognizing excellence in privately-owned Canadian companies with annual revenues over $25 million. With 26 new winners in 2020, this year’s companies credit success to investment in talent and technology, innovation in a competitive environment, and intent to compete on the global stage. This year’s Best Managed winners are also putting a laser focus on prioritizing organizational purpose.

“In 2020, the bar is raised even higher for Best Managed companies as the program continues its expansion beyond Canadian borders, now in 21 countries worldwide,” said Peter E. Brown, National Co-Leader of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program and Partner, Deloitte Private. “As the network of Best Managed companies continues to grow, the stakes get higher – as these companies are increasingly aware of their competition, globally. This year’s select group of winners should be especially proud of their achievements and of this designation.”

As Canada’s Best Managed Companies continue to find success, a common theme among winners is their commitment to defining organizational purpose. By defining and implementing purpose throughout all levels of business, this year’s winners are gleaning the competitive edge that comes with leading and doing business in a purpose-led environment.

“Defining purpose is not just a goal of large organizations, it is increasingly valuable in the evolving workforce – it’s equally important to employees and customers,” said Kari Lockhart, National Co-Leader of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program and Partner, Deloitte Private. “By doing so, this year’s Best Managed companies are fostering healthier workplaces, closer communities, and stronger foundations to help guide successful, collaborative decision-making.”

Another redeeming quality that never wavers among Best Managed award recipients is their extraordinary commitment to their clients and customers. “Year over year, a clear and concise strategy and approach to customer service is what puts these companies head and shoulders above the rest,” added Lockhart.

Best Managed winners are also finding success by continuing to act, invest, and make important decisions amid economic uncertainties, a recurring topic explored in Deloitte’s Disrupting the Bear series. Investment in areas such as R&D or creating proprietary tools contributes to strong growth and financial performance, contrary to organizations that may halt movement or wait until markets stabilize.

“As a long time sponsor of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, CIBC is proud to recognize this year’s winners, who have consistently demonstrated exceptional business performance in a constantly changing world,” said Dino Medves, Senior Vice President and Head, CIBC Commercial Banking. “Best Managed Companies showcase outstanding leadership in their respective industries, with a clear strategy that is focused on investing for long-term success and growth.”

Best Managed is a flagship program presented by Deloitte Private, a division of Deloitte exclusively focused on serving private clients of all sizes. Generation after generation, Deloitte Private has been by the side of the entrepreneurs transforming Canada’s economy – and under its wing, the Best Managed program includes 469 companies, offering a strong network to support the 26 winners of 2020. The network continues its expansion beyond Canadian borders, now with presence in 21 countries globally.


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