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Aging in Place - What exactly does this mean to you?

August 20, 2020

Aging in Place - What exactly does this mean to you?

To some it is the buzz about specific products, however not for me. I have been doing some homework on Aging in Place and once I had collected a lot of information and took a few courses, I sat back and considered what Aging in Place means from my perspective - for you.

It is, I believe, a lifestyle. A means for clients to move freely and safely in their own homes as independently as possible. Each need is specific. Sight, mobility and hearing are very real obstacles and it is my responsibility to help clients navigate the options that will work for them specifically.

Further to these needs, products need to work within your space and budget.

It is all about people, and we are all different. We have different needs and different tastes. What works for me may not work for you. I believe that our ultimate responsibility as a company is to expose you to options, and there are a lot. There are some rules of course, and our health care support teams are working very hard to ensure clients are not just falling for trends, but really looking at products that work best for their client’s needs. Hats off to them, we need to have more people engaged regarding clients needs and not just fads in product development.

As I say this please note that many of our suppliers invest huge dollars in research and development to ensure that they are providing products that add value to people’s lives, not just the lipstick.

So, let’s talk about my mom…she is now a very young 82, although she would argue this point on days when her mind says, “let’s go” and her body says, “not yet”!

Mom decided first that lowering her body to a regular height toilet was not such an easy task, nor was getting up. I replaced her toilet with a right height unit from American Standard - perfect. Then I changed her shower head with a new all-in-one shower head with a magnetic holder to allow her to remove and replace the handheld portion without overextending herself.

For some, it is being able to bathe themselves with dignity by installing a walk-in bath, or perhaps a shower with a seat for ease of entrance and stability. It may be Adorne wall switches and plates that illuminate or turn on when they sense movement, for safely getting up through the night.

Whatever your specific needs are, we have solutions. An Aging in Place bath or kitchen space can be beautiful and functional. It does not have to be institutional. So many products are designed for everyday ease and beauty. So, if you’re thinking your bathroom or kitchen must be institutional to be functional for your needs, that is not the case. You have many options.

Please remember this does not have to be a stressful project regardless of renovating or building from scratch, but you do have to do your homework. So, do not be rushed to buy what is in stock. It is truly about what you need and want.

Enjoy your independence and your home even longer than you may have thought possible. If you would like to have more information about the wonderful products available for your project, please reach out. We are here for you, it’s what we do.

-Angela Johnson, Corporate Showroom Manager

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