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August 17th, 2016
Eddy Group Awarded Family Business Award of Excellence
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"Eleven and a half years in the making and FINALLY we have the new bathroom of our dreams!"

Fredericton, NB


Showroom Design

Our showrooms have been professionally designed and furnished by Maritime Designer Linn MacDonald ( allowing you to view our products by suites in a home like setting.

Professional Consultations

Visit one of our 7 showrooms for a consultation with one of our experienced Showroom Consultants.  They will assist you in product selection with great care taken to consider your bath function and style needs.  After hours consultations are available.

Project Coordination

Our Showroom Consultants will be happy to coordinate projects with your plumbers, electricians and builders to ensure a smooth timeline for your project.

Operational Baths

Three of our Eddy Elegant Bathware Showrooms feature a completely operational bath so that you can experience our custom shower systems, air baths, faucets, toilets and sinks.  These operational baths are in our Halifax, Saint John and Fredericton locations.

Showroom Wish List

For your convenience we have provided a checklist so that you may start your Wish List.  Feel free to present a copy prior to or during your Showroom visit so that we may help with your process.
Eddy Elegant Bathware Wish List.pdf

Professional Referrals

Eddy Elegant Bathware Showroom Consultants can provide referrals of reputable plumbers, electricians and/or builders in your area to assist with your new build or renovation.


Eddy Elegant Bathware Showrooms do provide a delivery service.

Credit Applications

For your convenience, we have application forms available.

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